Chinese Food is Delicious!

JunBo Chinese food is what I like!

In my family the tradition is to make Friday night PIzza night but recently we decided to try our hand at some Chinese Take- out.

The one thing I love about Chinese food is that is always seems the same no matter which Chinese shop you buy from.

You can always counts on General Tso’s, fried Rice and pork Eggrolls.  …along with a ton of other types of wonderful foods that are probably really bad and high in calories.

I’m addicted to the pork fried rice (or por fri rice)  with just a dash of that spicy mustard.

I’m more a fan of Chinese take out than I am of Chinese Buffets.  It just kind of grosses me out that people finger and move and breathe all around the food that I put in my mouth.

(Although, I did like it when they started to add those sugary albeit unhealthy donuts)

Chinese food is curious to me.  People nearly drown in drool when they enter a buffet place and they continue to go up and down the buffet areas and when they leave…bloated for sure.

I wonder what it is.

Is Chinese food in all the American Chinese Food Shops anywhere near what a traditional Chinese dinner in China looks like?

If not, then why in the heck or how in the heck did the food we see come to be?

I will be sure to explore traditional Chinese food and share the ideas here.

Heck, I might even get into sharing some recipes that I find!

Mistakes To Avoid When Owning A Business

Many people start up a bouncy castle hire company on their very own without getting proper advice and support from others in the industry. But this approach leaves them open to make mistakes that will harm their inflatable hire business and slow its growth.

By sharing common “stumbling blocks” we expect that you can learn from mistakes others have made and prevent a few of the barriers that many before you needed to conquer:

Spending a lot of cash. You don’t desire, when you first start out resist the impulse to spend money on elaborate office furniture, high-priced gear, or gadgets.

Starting without a suitable strategy. You want more than just tons of enthusiasm, you will need energy too as well as a willingness to work at weekends.

Calling your bouncy castle hire company a name that comes very low down in the alphabet. The reason you need to try to call your company using a name that begins with an “A” or possibly a number is because most offline and on-line directories record bouncy castle firms alphabetically. Most folks looking to hire a bouncy castle begins on top and go downwards. You may overlook a large amount of enquiries and bookings in the event you recorded close to the bottom.

It is extremely important when you initially start that you still continue to work in your ordinary job although the bouncy castle hire business may be quite successful. As soon as your income from hiring bouncy castles reaches a place where you feel that you’re able to comfortably live off it, then that is the stage where it might be proper to start thinking of leaving your day job so that you can focus 100% on hiring bouncy castles.

Do not take on workers until your employee turnover hits a degree that is sufficient. Lots of people forget if there is insufficient work to go round that hiring employees could be extremely expensive. Occasionally it is advisable to work with subcontractors first although you should check with your accountant and lawyer as to how best to do this to ensure you comply with the law.

Keeping workers because they’re “fine” and “try hard”. It may be hard to fire someone, however a lousy worker or somebody who is just not pulling their weight may be lugging your bouncy castle business down. Consider it this way; if you now had the opportunity to hire this individual (understanding everything you know now about their work habits) would you hire him or her? Otherwise, it is time to be open using the worker and let him or her know they are not a good fit along with your bouncy castle hire business.

Not diversifying or simply hiring out little bouncy castles and inflatables for kids’ parties. In case you can’t provide this gear it can be recommended to work using a competitor (or lease from a competition) and then share the earnings. In case you can’t provide these extra services, your customers may change to an inflatable hire business that can match their needs.

Not saying “thank you” often enough. This consists of your suppliers, your customers, your employees and anyone else who has helped you or given you advice which has helped your bouncy castle business grow.

Not participating and seeing in the online discussion forum. This forum is like having a board of advisers or specialists who will help answer any questions, problems and issues you’re confronting.

Your  company can be successful if you really have the drive, the enthusiasm, the passion along with the openness to learn from other people’s mistakes. Take your own time, do your homework and learn from those people who have already become successful.

Guidelines For Running A Business

Government data suggest that there are a lot of mishaps resulting in injuries to children due to the careless use of inflatable bouncy castles.

Most of the injuries are brought on by kids being hit by other kids, bouncing off the inflatable on to the earth or simply falling awkwardly. Most of these unwanted accidents should have been avoided if was operated with effective adult supervision.

If you are thinking of hiring inflatable bouncy castles within a fundraising event, a fete or an exclusive function, such as a birthday party, following these advice will significantly help you.

When hiring

The gear should be hired from reputable hire companies, and let the company’s own staff set up, operate and supervise whenever possible. This is very important if you are expecting a considerable number of children that will probably be present.

– Fully complies with all the safe use and operation of play inflatables.
– Workers are suitably experienced and well trained adult employees, where the firm accounts for setting it up, operating and supervising of the bouncy castle

Self operation

In case you are to run the bouncy castle, ensure that the name and address of the maker or supplier is plainly marked upon it, and that you are provided with written instructions about the safe setting up, operation and oversight of the gear.

Security directions

Children should not be allowed to use the bouncy castle if there’s a high wind or in wet weather (inflatables can flip over, and slippery surfaces might cause injury)

Soft matting covering hard surfaces must be set adjacent to sides that were open or the front
Ensure the blower is situated at least 1-2 metres in the inflatable – serious injuries may happen if the blower unit hits on

Responsible adult supervision is a must and very much needed for paying careful attention to the children at play all the time during its use.

The amount of kids using the bouncy castle should be restricted to the amount recommended in the safety instructions of the hire firm.

All children must be made to remove hard footwear or sharp objects such as jewellery, buckles, pens as well as other similar pocket contents. Eating while rebounding or performing acrobatics mustn’t be enabled.