Chinese Food is Delicious!

JunBo Chinese food is what I like!

In my family the tradition is to make Friday night PIzza night but recently we decided to try our hand at some Chinese Take- out.

The one thing I love about Chinese food is that is always seems the same no matter which Chinese shop you buy from.

You can always counts on General Tso’s, fried Rice and pork Eggrolls.  …along with a ton of other types of wonderful foods that are probably really bad and high in calories.

I’m addicted to the pork fried rice (or por fri rice)  with just a dash of that spicy mustard.

I’m more a fan of Chinese take out than I am of Chinese Buffets.  It just kind of grosses me out that people finger and move and breathe all around the food that I put in my mouth.

(Although, I did like it when they started to add those sugary albeit unhealthy donuts)

Chinese food is curious to me.  People nearly drown in drool when they enter a buffet place and they continue to go up and down the buffet areas and when they leave…bloated for sure.

I wonder what it is.

Is Chinese food in all the American Chinese Food Shops anywhere near what a traditional Chinese dinner in China looks like?

If not, then why in the heck or how in the heck did the food we see come to be?

I will be sure to explore traditional Chinese food and share the ideas here.

Heck, I might even get into sharing some recipes that I find!

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