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Government data suggest that there are a lot of mishaps resulting in injuries to children due to the careless use of inflatable bouncy castles.

Most of the injuries are brought on by kids being hit by other kids, bouncing off the inflatable on to the earth or simply falling awkwardly. Most of these unwanted accidents should have been avoided if was operated with effective adult supervision.

If you are thinking of hiring inflatable bouncy castles within a fundraising event, a fete or an exclusive function, such as a birthday party, following these advice will significantly help you.

When hiring

The gear should be hired from reputable hire companies, and let the company’s own staff set up, operate and supervise whenever possible. This is very important if you are expecting a considerable number of children that will probably be present.

– Fully complies with all the safe use and operation of play inflatables.
– Workers are suitably experienced and well trained adult employees, where the firm accounts for setting it up, operating and supervising of the bouncy castle

Self operation

In case you are to run the bouncy castle, ensure that the name and address of the maker or supplier is plainly marked upon it, and that you are provided with written instructions about the safe setting up, operation and oversight of the gear.

Security directions

Children should not be allowed to use the bouncy castle if there’s a high wind or in wet weather (inflatables can flip over, and slippery surfaces might cause injury)

Soft matting covering hard surfaces must be set adjacent to sides that were open or the front
Ensure the blower is situated at least 1-2 metres in the inflatable – serious injuries may happen if the blower unit hits on

Responsible adult supervision is a must and very much needed for paying careful attention to the children at play all the time during its use.

The amount of kids using the bouncy castle should be restricted to the amount recommended in the safety instructions of the hire firm.

All children must be made to remove hard footwear or sharp objects such as jewellery, buckles, pens as well as other similar pocket contents. Eating while rebounding or performing acrobatics mustn’t be enabled.

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